February update

In the past month (and a week) I wasn't updating anything on the seen.lit.codes service and nothing on any other projects really.

I was mostly involved with applying for a full-time job in Europe. I will soon move there. Hopefully I will write about my reasons to leave my current job and applying for another job rather than doubling down on starting my own projects.

The mental energy required for applying and moving to another country is not small and is not meant to be. I have tried my best to keep my calm and think and plan ahead to avoid any unpleasant surprises and delays, especially because at the time of writing this post, we're still dealing with the Covid-19 and its consequences on normal life and processes, this situation is about to change because at least most of the developed countries have already started vaccinating their population, and some already have achieved over 80% vaccination rates.

Burnout and consistency

I have also taken a break from working on my side projects and building in public. Despite the fact that it has been a pleasant experience for me and I would love to do more like this, it has been very time and energy consuming. Unfortunately it managed to mess with my sleeping cycle as well.

As a result I got burnt out and had to take step back and reconsider my approach. Hopefully this experience will help me to improve consistency in my work and get better at estimation and planning.

I soon realised I need a routine and a realistic goal to make everyday if I want to be consistently productive.

Free time and exercise

I found myself watching more TV and checking social media the more I become burnt out. I decided to give myself a maximum 10 minutes to check any social media and news. For watching TV (which was the time I'd spend with family) I set aside maximum of 2 hours per day.

This not only gave me more free time per day which I could use to do more exercises and listening to audiobooks, but also freed me from non-sense news about cryptocurrency ups-and-downs and earthquakes on the other side of the world in which I had no one to connect to.

Setting a routine

I'm going to make this all a daily routine that I have to absolutely follow every day without fail. Everything needs to be moved to make place for the following:

  1. My daily goal of exercising
  2. Working on my side project daily
  3. Writing up tweets and blog posts

My goal

By the end of May, I'm going to start tracking my time and see how effective this habit making has been for me. I hope it gives me a boost in confidence and I get enough energy and consistency to build something beautiful everyday.